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Bear Briar

About Me

How it Started

Welcome to the Bear Briar, a pipe† repair and restoration company located in Windsor, California.† My name is Thomas (Bear) Tessier and Iíve been a pipe smoker & collector for over 40 years.† By profession, Iím a Certified Public Accountant in both California and Washington, specializing in tax law.† Iím also an adjunct professor of accounting and taxation at a nearby college.

A couple of years ago I accidently dropped one of my favorite pipes and broke the stem off.† I turned a new tenon on my lathe and reassembled the pipe for a perfect match.† When I showed it to my local tobacconist he suggested I open a repair shop. After giving it some thought, I decided to take some classes for the fun of it.† Iíve travelled around the United States to learn what I could from other repairmen and pipe makers, including Tim West (J.H. Lowe) in Columbus, Ohio , Paul Hildebrand (Pipe Makers Emporium) outside of Phoenix, Arizona and Larry Comeaux (Master Machinist/Pipe Maker/ Pipe Repairman) in Memphis, Tennessee.



Today I have a fully equipped repair and pipe making shop at my home in Windsor.† Iíve decided to open my services to a limited number of† pipe shops and individual pipe smokers who are looking for quality craftsmanship.† Due to the demands of my other professional activities, I intend to keep my clientele small.† This will enable me to do quality repair services with a very fast turnaround.† Being a long time pipe smoker, I know how much the owner of his favorite pipe will be missing it and will make every effort to minimize the wait time.




My future plans are to continue to travel and study pipe making and repair from the best in the business in both the United States and Europe.† The one thing Iíve discovered in this pursuit is that, like any profession, there is always something new to learn.