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Bear Briar

Please print this page, fill it out, and mail it along with your pipe(s) to the address listed:




City:______________________________ State:________________ Zip:_____________________

Country (if not U.S.)_______________________________________________________________

Phone: (________)_________________________Email:_________________________________

Method of Payment:

You will receive an invoice with your repaired pipe, which will be due upon receipt.

Shipping Requirements:

How do you want your pipes returned?  USPS, UPS, Fed-X

Standard ground shipping or expedited?

Insurance required?  Amount?

Signature required?

Minimum billing for shipping is $7.50.  Actual cost above that amount will be added to cost.

Owners of the repairs must request tracking, insurance, signature, or any other services available, otherwise the pipes will be returned to the return address given with the same shipping services as was used to ship the package to Bear Briar.  Thomas J. Tessier, AKA Bear Briar, will not be held responsible for any lost package or damage to any of the contents by the shipping business .


Due to the fragile nature of briar, meerschaum and other materials used in pipes, all responsibility is with the owner for any damage to a pipe during the repair process.  Any undisclosed breakage or shank cracks will be repaired at the owner’s expense before proceeding with the requested repairs.  Minimum Reaming and Cleaning will be done at no charge to benefit stem fit and final bowl polish.


Please make a list of the pipes you are enclosing.  Indicate each pipe’s brand or description and a detailed description of the work requested for each.

Your pipe(s) will be expertly repaired and/or cleaned as requested and returned within two weeks.

Thank you for your business

Bear Briar



Work Request Form